Photo: Erik Aeder

Inside the Ride | The Spencer Brothers

Age: Jeffrey, 16 / Finn, 13

Hometown: Paia, Hawaii / Whistler, Canada

The Spencer boys have a lot of toys. According to their dad Henry, it makes sense for them—what we call toys are actually tools of the trade for young standup paddlers on the rise. And make no mistake, the Spencers are making moves. Both brothers represented Team Canada at the 2016 Fiji ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships last November and Jeffrey even earned himself the 2015 Canadian SUP Surfing National Title when he was just 14. Check out their "tools" here. –MM

1) 2005 Ford F-150. Henry: It's the perfect Maui car because it's not too nice so you don't worry about messing it up. Jeffrey and Finn washed it for my birthday. It was the first time in seven years.

2) Infinity Blackfish. Finn: That's my 12'6" x 22" with the Futures Manta fin, made for downwinding. We've been working with Dave Boehne (Infinity SUP designer) for a few years and he makes really fast boards. It's great for the Maliko Run and for technical racing. It even surfs well.

3) KT GoFoil Surfboard. Jeffrey: This is my new foil board. It's six feet, shaped by Keith Taboul of KT Surfboards with the Kai (Lenny) GoFoil made by Alex Aguera. The setup is brand new and the foil is carbon, so it's very light and stiff and fast. It's the most high-performance foil surfboard I've ridden so far.

4) 7' Quatro SUP Surfboard. Jeffrey: This is my SUP surfboard shaped by Keith Taboul, setup as a thruster with the small John John model Futures Fins. It's super fun in small waves, easy to release, fast and all-around good in most conditions.

5) 6' Quatro SUP Surfboard. Finn: I really like this board. It's brand new from Keith, around 22 inches wide with its volume around 36 liters. I like it with the extra-small Lost Grom fins from Futures in a thruster setup. It's basically a regular shortboard with a little extra volume.

6) Quickblade Paddles Jeffrey: I like my surf paddles to be about head high—67 inches long with an 81-inch blade. My race paddle is about 10 inches longer than that. I really like the Trifecta 86 because it's extremely light and the shape of the blade doesn't put a lot of stress on me or the shaft.

Finn: I like the V Drive 71 blade for surf. It's around 57 inches long. For racing I use the Trifecta 76 at around 64 inches long.

7) OneWheel. Henry: We use the OneWheel for transportation. The boys ride them to friends' houses and they have a course set up where they race them.


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