Kai Lenny is dominating. We chatted with him last week and he said, “I just want to win so bad.” He was referring to the World Series title—which he took a big step toward this weekend with his overall first place at Huntington Beach—but he also made it clear that this was just his general mindset. He’s currently sitting second to Connor Baxter in Series rankings, who had some uncharacteristic bobbles this weekend, missing out on qualifying for the finals in the sprints and falling back to sixth in the distance after pacing with Lenny for the majority of the distance race.

Lenny wants to win whatever race or contest he enters. The evidence from the Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam couldn’t be more convincing. Lenny looked sharp throughout the surf event and peaked in the final, throwing down sharp combos and boosting airs for the victory. The very next day he took the sprints win, using his surf skills to punch through building waves and then turn around and ride them in (check the video of the finals below—smoking fast). To top off his weekend he took second in the distance race on Sunday for the overall World Series racing win. Look for him to take that momentum into next week’s Battle of the Paddle.

The women’s side event wasn’t such a landslide. In fact, first place in the World Series overall was split between Hawaiian speed demon Halie Harrison and Australian Ke’ale Dorries. French paddler Caroline Angibaud came in third.

1. Kai Lenny – Hawaii
2. Jake Jensen – Australia
3. Casper Steinfath – Denmark
4. Mo Freitas – Hawaii
5. Kody Kerbox – Hawaii

1. (Equal)
Halie Harrison – Hawaii
Ke’ale Dorries – Australia
3. Caroline Angibaud – France