One more time across the 32-mile Channel of Bones. Photo: Barbara Kraft

M2O Solo At Sixty With Buzzy Kerbox | Part 2

Words by Benjamin Marcus

Read Part 1 of our two-part series on Buzzy Kerbox’s last M2O. 

In 2015, Buzzy teamed up with his son Kody.

“We had a great race, Buzzy said. “We placed second team and fifth overall. Team Ching and Chong, two top racers, took the win. Last year I teamed up with my son Kody, he got sick four-and-a-half hours into the race so we pulled out to get him medical attention."

In all the ways Buzzy has paddled M2O, he has never gone SUP solo, but now he’s doing that.

"At 60!" Buzzy exclaimed.

"This year there will be 13 racers over the age of 50 and five over the age of 60 taking on this challenge. My lofty goal is to beat all the 60 year olds and all the 50 year olds and hopefully most of the teams. I want to inspire people to get off the couch and attempt something that pushes them to a better level of physical fitness and emotional piece of mind, not to mention a boost in self-esteem."

To prepare for his one last ride, Buzzy has the world's best training grounds in his backyard–the North Shore of Oahu.

"I did a month of pre-training with yoga and light paddling,” Kerbox said. “Then I started paddling three times a week, slowly stepping up the distance. I raced all the local races for practice. I do a home workout of pushups and light weights, and cross train with bike rides up Pupukea."

Buzzy and his son, Kody Kerbox. Photo: Barbara Kraft

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Buzzy competed in Da Hui Fourth of July Race, a good tune-up at the beginning of the month for what waits at the end of the month.

"We had great conditions for the Da Hui Fourth of July race," Buzzy posted on Facebook. "Over 500 paddlers took part. I did the long course option starting at Turtle Bay and finishing in Waimea Bay. I placed first in the age 36 and over division and third overall. Jeff Chang was close on my tail as we passed Sharks Cove, so I had to finish strong. Thanks to Da Hui for 39 years of this fun race."


The clock is ticking, the end of July is coming and Buzzy is getting pumped up.

This year he will be paddling his SIC 17′ Bullet V2 unlimited board with a rudder and will be supported by his friend Mark Librie and his 16′ Boston Whale named “Giggy Gig.”

“There’s no room for me so I have to make it." Buzzy joked. "I am racing because I love to compete. Everybody who completes this challenge is a winner."

Old school meets new school. Photo Barbara Kraft

But just for fun–27 years later–wouldn't it be fun if Laird and Buzzy were one of the two-man teams? Taking the whole race back to the beginning.

Sure, but also unlikely.

"Billy Hamilton once said that Laird doesn't like to compete because he doesn't like to lose," Buzzy said. "I would like nothing more than to see Laird return to racing."

Maybe Buzzy should send some flowers?


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