Mid-Ocean Interview with Chris Bertish | Part 3

On the morning of February 14, otherwise known as Valentine's Day, I was eating breakfast with my wife when my phone started buzzing in a way I wasn't familiar with. I looked at my phone and realized that I was being called by Chris Bertish, the man who is currently paddling across the Atlantic. Like, he's out there right now, my himself, most likely paddling one stroke at a time toward Antigua, his final landing point.

In part one of our conversation, Bertish discussed topics including the wild conditions he has faced, the major challenges he has overcome, and his vast support network. In part two, Bertish shared his plans for a new film about his journey, what keeps him motivated, and how preparation only goes so far in the open ocean. In this third and final part of our conversation, we talk about the challenges of changing weather conditions, what it took to make this project happen and when he expects to land in Antigua. Take a listen to our conversation right here and read a few of the highlights below. –Will Taylor

Canary Island challenges

@0:45 – “Looking back, I think it was a miracle just getting to the Canary Islands and past the Canary Islands. Threading the needle through those islands in the extreme conditions I had, it was almost a miracle just making it past that point.”

Changing weather conditions

@2:20 – “People on land that haven't been in the open ocean, they don’t even have an inkling of an idea what it's like when it all goes south. It's like life on steroids, the weather you get in a whole month at home, you get that all in one day in the open ocean.”

Financial hardships

@4:20 – “A lot of people don’t comprehend a project of this size and all the planning. I'm almost broke because I took a loan against my house to do this project because we were still short.”

Projected finish dates

@8:50 – “Looking at my average distance and time, probably the 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th [of March] is when I'll finish.”

Message to fans

@9:35 – “Thanks to everyone out there for all the positive messages and support. I hope it is inspiring people to rethink possible and rethink the boundaries in their life to let go of their own limiting beliefs. If you believe something and you are really passionate about it, you can literally achieve anything because nothing is impossible unless you believe it to be.”


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Bertish's shark encounter in the Atlantic.