Mid-Ocean Interview with Chris Bertish | Part 2

On the morning of February 14, otherwise known as Valentine's Day, I was eating breakfast with my wife when my phone started buzzing in a way I wasn't familiar with. I looked at my phone and realized that I was being called by Chris Bertish, the man who is currently paddling across the Atlantic. Like, he's out there right now, my himself, most likely paddling one stroke at a time toward Antigua, his final landing point.

In part one of our conversation, Bertish discussed topics including the wild conditions he has faced, the major challenges he has overcome, and his vast support network. In this second part of our exclusive interview, Bertish shared his plans for a new film about his journey, what keeps him motivated, and how preparation only goes so far in the open ocean. Take a listen to our conversation right here and read a few of the highlights below. –Will Taylor


@0:40 – “In addition to the captain's log, I'm also doing a video log everyday. We've been filming, doing interviews and all that stuff for the last six months already….I think [the film] will give people just a glimpse into the eye of the storm of this incredible journey and hopefully that’ll touch people's lives and inspire them.”

Contact with outside world

@2:50 – “I touch base with my forecaster and routing consultant almost on a daily basis to get an update on the forecast and exactly where I am….I get messages from people on a daily basis about how this story is changing their life, and changing how they think about things and do things. That inspires me to go further.”


@5:35 – “I'm so driven and passionate about this project because I feel like it is my purpose and my destiny. I've been working towards this project all my life. All the different sports I’ve done and the different achievements I’ve done have all molded me and guided me to being ready to do this project….When you are driven by your passion and powered by a purpose that's greater than yourself, you become like an unstoppable force. If you believe in it with every fiber in your being, no matter what you are going to finish it and you are going to succeed.”


@9:00 – “You can only be so prepared and for what this project is about, there are so many things you just can't be prepared for. I think the characteristic that has got me through this is to have a really positive mind frame to get through every situation and being flexible and adaptable to the obstacles that come my way….Because there were those nights where I was in trades that were 25-35 knots an hour, four to six meter swells breaking all around me, the pilot had gone out and I was drifting sideways, getting slammed by waves in the middle of the night. It is the most terrifying and frightening 12 hours of your life, it feels like it went on for days.”


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