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Online SUP Coaching | Chase Kosterlitz Talks Paddle Society

If you've ever felt like you hit a plateau as a paddler–most of us have been there–it can be a frustrating experience. No matter what you do, the results don't improve and before long you are questioning your own ability. More often than not, all you need is a little coaching to boost you over the mental or physical hurdle in your way. Unfortunately, having a personal coach can be expensive, but what if it didn't have to be?

That's the theory behind Paddle Society, the newly launched SUP/outrigger coaching website developed by accomplished SUP racer and coach Chase Kosterlitz. The membership-based site aims to give paddlers the personalized coaching experience, without the inflated price tag. We caught up with Chase to learn more about his vision.

What is Paddle Society all about?

In short, it's an online coaching and training website for SUP and outrigger paddlers. It also includes a video curriculum, kind of like a paddling university. The videos explain the concepts in a way that I haven't seen anywhere else and that's where I'm trying to set us apart. Right now there are over 100 original videos on the site and we'll just keep adding to them and trying to take a different perspective.

Where did this idea come about, why did you see a need for this?

When I first got into paddling, I was just learning from my own trial and error. Pretty soon I started coaching people in Florida and when I traveled to races. So Paddle Society took the coaching that I have been doing on an individual level and formalized it, putting all the information in one place on a platform that is easy to use.

Why is having a coach beneficial for paddlers?

Coaching individuals is something what I've done for the last five years and it's almost like being a sports psychologist. As athletes, we tend to get in our own heads and I see it a lot in standup paddling. I think that's where coaches are most valuable; when they are teaching you from their own experience but also making sure you are not being you're own worst enemy. I really enjoy doing that and formalizing that in this platform will hopefully reach more people.

Online SUP coaching programs seem to be a new trend, what makes Paddle Society stand out?

What makes it unique is my perspective of being a lifetime athlete but not a lifetime paddle athlete. So the way I learn and approach training is different. I'm not saying I have the secret sauce, but I think my approach and content is unique with the videos and media that we already have and will be coming.

What can paddlers expect from the three different membership levels?

The Basic membership is $15 a month and will get paddlers access to the whole site which includes over 100 videos, 40 articles and all the future updates. The Core membership is $65 a month and offers personalized coaching instruction including a customized training program, daily workouts and bi-monthly feedback on the individual paddler's training log. The Pro membership costs $225 a month and offers a completely customized, individual cross-training program, in addition to a paddling program. It's the fraction of the cost of a personal trainer but we are excited to offer that level of personalization. Because when the program is completely customized to the individual, that is how you will get the best results.

How about your own athletic and SUP racing career?

I'm still motivated to race more than ever. It's always been life, then training, then whatever else. I'm a dad and have businesses, but it's nothing new. It's funny, my results don't necessarily reflect it, but last year at the beginning of the summer I felt stronger paddling than I ever have. As an athlete, it's exciting to still have that motivation and feeling. I enjoy helping other people but I'm still motivated to race myself.

What other projects have you been working on?

With Paddle Society, the first project will be the 5K World Paddle Challenge. It is basically a running leaderboard broken down into age groups, board classes, and water types. This will allow paddlers to compare their times with athletes around the world. The idea is to help grow the sport by giving people motivation to try to beat their own time and hopefully this will be a catalyst to get more people in the sport.



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