Another great workout brought to you by Riviera Paddlesurf and exercise physiologist Ramsey Mead.

Workout Notes:
• Perform a minimum of 2x a week or every other day if you like
• Perform each exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds working your way up to 1 minute
• Perform exercises 1-5 in a circuit (one after another) up to 3x, starting with one circuit and build up
• Rest period progression – start with a 45 second rest between; then when ready, drop to 30 seconds and then to 20 seconds, then none until the last exercise (#5) is done then rest 1 minute
• Use a stop watch or timer such as the Gymboss
• Stop if form deteriorates
• Don't forget to breath
• Take notes of your progress
Have fun and get fit!

Renegade Push Up

  1. 1. Start with body in a extended push up position
    2. While maintaining torso in plank/neutral spine alignment, lift one hand up towards the arm pit
    3. From the arm pit/outer chest area, slowly lower the hand back down
    4. Once hand is secure repeat cycle with the opposite hand/arm

Begin with a time of 30 sec then build up to 1 minute
Key Points: Maintain neutral spine avoiding twisting and rotating of body and excessive weight shift
Advanced Movement: Perform this exercise with dumbbells or kettle-bells, set then pull and slowly lower down

Paddler Benefits – Another great movement that trains better postural endurance that means better transfer in long distance paddles with no energy leaks

Muscles Worked – Core stabilizer, upper back lats with added resistance

    Plank Swimmer

1. Position body in an extended push up position
2. Raise arm straight out in front so that the upper arm is inline with the ear, palm should be facing down, head stays in neutral position
3. Begin to stroke the arm in a circular position palm facing back
4. Complete the arm stroke when you tap the upper leg/hip area then retrace back, set arm down.  Secure balance /alignment then repeat on the other side

Begin with a time of 30 sec then build to 1 minute
Key points: Maintain neutral spine avoid twisting and rotating of body and excessive weight shifts
Paddler Benefits – I may sound like a broken record but core stability is the foundation for any paddler and this exercise is where results are made, you can't fire a cannon from a canoe. Secure the core and stroke like never before.
Muscles Worked -Deep core stabilizer, Multifidis, Shoulder Rotator

Push Up Quadruped

    1. 1. Begin in push up plank stance
      2. With control and balance slowly lift the opposite arm and leg to where they evenly aline across the body.  Then hold for 5-10 seconds then slowly lower back down together
      3. Repeat the process alternating from side-to-side
    Paddler Benefits – AB crunches are dead, forward flexion has zero carry over to the SUPer. This abdominal core exercise teaches one to recruit the glutes while keeping a stable torso.
    Muscles Worked – Deep abdominals, multifidus muscles

    Medicine Ball Plank

    1. 1. Place palms on medicine ball, thumbs facing forward
      2. Lift body up into plank, position feet extended back into push up plank stance
      3. With arms extended, spine neutral, hold this isometric posture
  • Begin with a time of 30 sec and build up to 1 min
    Advanced Movement: Once the exercise is mastered, lift one leg at a time a foot off the ground hold for 5-10 sec then alternate
    Paddler Benefits – Great core exercise of course, but now heavy emphasis on shoulder stability to keep the shoulder joint strong and injury free
    Muscles Worked – Deep core stabilizers, multifidis, shoulder stabilizers, psoas

    Step Through with Rotation

    1. Begin in the extended straight arm plank shown in photo one
    2. Transfer weight to a single straight arm plank
    3. Take the rear leg and step through, pointing the toes / leg as far out as possible, maintaining a strong foundation through the shoulders/arms – Hold for 5-10 seconds
    4. Return leg back to the starting position then anchor the opposite arm/ shoulder and repeat

Paddler Benefits – I really like this body weight movement because it trains good body control while driving the shoulder stability issue that any paddler seeks for power and injury prevention
Muscles Worked – Deep core, internal/external obliques, shoulder stabilizers

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