Rental Review | Sunset Rentals | Huntington Beach, CA

Last Saturday my friends and I were on a mission to paddle. Some had done it before, some had not. We wanted to branch out from our usual Newport Beach destinations so we traveled a little North to the less crowded Sunset Beach, also known as Huntington Harbor.

Driving along the PCH we saw multiple SUP rental shops and we knew picking one was going to be a bit of a challenge. We chose a rental based off what was close to where we parked; as most know PCH parking can be tough. We found ourselves parked in between two shops—Sunset Rentals and OEX Sunset Beach. After talking to both shops; due to the amount of boards we needed and how long we wanted to rent them, we decided to go with Sunset Rentals.

The rate was $15/board for two hours, we couldn’t pass up that kind of deal! The guys running the place were very easy going and knew exactly what they were doing. Once the group was gathered, lathered and ready to go, we walked right up and the boards were ready to go at water’s edge. No paperwork needed; we would pay once we returned and all five boards were lined up on shore.

The boards were pretty standard; they were in good condition and were able to handle all the different sizes of myself and my friends. The paddles could have been more customized to size, but for the most part we had no complaints about the gear.

Huntington Harbor was awesome too, there were so many cool houses, boats and different routes we could take for exploring. The weather was perfect and there weren’t too many people on the water.
When we returned it was an easy exit; we gave them the boards, handed them the cash and were on our way.

I talked to one of the guys working, Matt Sanchez. He’s worked at the shop for many years now and wouldn’t change his job for the world, “Working here beats sitting in a cubical every single day.”
Sunset Rentals has been around since 1992, originally only renting kayaks and zodiacs but four years ago they decided to hop on the SUP wagon and haven’t looked back since.
“Our business took off even more once we started offering SUPs,” said Sanchez. We talked about the business competition, since even we were tempted to go to a different shop, but he answered the question as if he’s never even considered the other shops as a threat, “We are right off PCH, there is plenty of business to go around.”
Business is booming year round for this shop, the only days they are not open are major holidays.
The only downfall I could notice with the company was the inconvenience of only accepting cash and check, but there are plenty of ATM’s in the area to address that.

Next time you’re in the area, go and check out Sunset Rentals. You won’t get the usual Huntington or Newport Beach crowds, the guys are friendly and there are great spots to grab a drink after paddling right across PCH. —Annie Maize
SUPs: 1 to 2 hours for $15. All day rentals $30.

Check out the shop’s Facebook Page
For reservation information or any questions at all contact Matt Sanchez.
Sunset Rentals Phone Number: (562)592-5537