Capital SUP workout

Photo courtesy of Capital SUP Facebook.

SUP Sculpting | Pre-Paddle Warmup Exercises

Many of us standup paddlers aren’t stretching properly, which over time can cause injury, pain, and soreness. If pressed for time, at least perform a quick warmup circuit, like the one designed by Kevin Haigis of Capital SUP. When you have more time to dedicate to your pre-workout preparation, perform the following exercises with a circuit for a well-rounded warmup. —Shari Coble

Indo Board Plank

Hold position for 30 seconds to a minute.


Photo: Capital SUP

Indo Board Plank. Photo courtesy of Capital SUP.

With forearms resting centered on your indo-board (or bosu) and feet hip-width apart, hold a plank position–pulling the belly button upwards into the spine while engaging your inner core.
Widen legs for more control and a stable base, or, bring legs together for a tougher challenge.

One Leg Standing Toe Touch

Perform 10 times on each side.


Photo: Capital SUP

Step-by-step of One Leg Standing Toe Touch. Photo courtesy of Capital SUP

Begin standing with one leg lifted and bent, while the arm on the same side rests at side. The opposite arm should be bent, with hand reaching upward. Slowly bend forward, reaching downward across the body towards the toes of the planted foot (on the opposite side), while extending the bent (raised) leg outward and behind. Return to starting position with leg lifted and bent, then repeat.

Half Turkish Get Up "TGU"

5x each side


Photo: Capital SUP

Step-by-step of Half Turkish Get Up “TGU”. Photo courtesy of Capital SUP

Begin lying on the floor with your right arm holding a lightweight kettlebell above and your right knee bent with the heel planted flat on the floor. With the left arm open wide, prop yourself up using the forearm and elbow, while also engaging the rest of the upper body to keep the kettlebell facing upward to the sky. Then, engage the hips and drive the heel firmly into the ground, lifting the body up with your arm while your heel remains planted on the floor. Return to lying position and repeat.
*Note: The TGU is a highly functional movement that requires all the muscles of the body working together in order to accomplish. Balance, coordination, and stabilization are all challenged in this movement.


Part one of our SUP sculpting series.

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