Somewhere in tropical waters flanked by rolling dunes as far as the eye can see, a dreamy surf yacht is anchored offshore. Just inside it a cast the likes of Zane Schweitzer, Daniel Hughes, Jeff Clark, Sam George and the crew from Cobian Footwear—the proprietors of the dream boat—take turns stroking paddleboards into 300-yard right-hand peelers reeling down a nameless reef. For one full week, they have nothing more to do than revel in the wild and waves of remote Baja and the Pacific. It’s the boat trip we all dream about, and it’ll be featured in the upcoming winter Adventure Issue of SUP magazine.

Cobian as a brand fixated is fixated on altruistic endeavors. The mission statement of their flagship campaign, #EveryStepMatters, states, “Our main mission is to serve as a platform to support others who seek to: care for the needy, steward our planet, overcome personal challenges, provide hope and inspiration to others and much more.” As part of this effort, Cobian supports a Features section on our website called #StandupForOthers, with content focused on the standup community’s many philanthropic efforts. We can attest—this boat adventure served as a philanthropic effort toward everyone aboard, and we are honored to help document it.

As you can see from the drone footage in this edit, we scored big-time.

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