Shaping a SUP from Recycled Wood

Let’s face it: standup paddleboards, while fantastic in the environment, are hardly fantastic for the environment. Foam, fiberglass and apoxy resin--the materials used to make most paddleboards, aren’t exactly the most biodegradable or least toxic materials in the landfill. As a community at large, paddlers tend to be an environmentally mindful bread; we have a number of members who use their equipment to improve the natural world. But when we come across an outfit like Lambrecht Surfboards--a crew that hand-shapes artisan SUPs using reclaimed wood, masterful craftsmanship and minimal footprint, we tip our caps. Besides, if this doesn’t make you want to sell your gas-guzzler, move to the boondocks and spend your days in nature fine-tuning your woodworking skills, maybe you’re better fit for water skiing.

Meet another environmental SUP craftsman.

People making a positive impact using standup paddleboards