Another beautiful day on Lake Tahoe with Breeze Turner and her SUP pup Marley. Photo: Peter Spain

The SUP Lifestyle: Breeze Turner

Breeze Turner's path to SUP notoriety is a far cry from that of your conventional standup paddling pro. She's never been in a SUP race, never SUP surfed and in fact, she's only been flatwater paddling for two years. It all started with her dog, Marley … and a selfie.

Born in Anguilla, a British island in the Caribbean, Turner now lives and works as a real-estate agent in Reno, Nevada, a landlocked locale, relatively deficient of paddling possibilities.

After four years of living there, in the summer of 2014, Turner bought an old SUP on Craigslist and started taking Marley on biweekly trips to Lake Tahoe, about 60 miles south of town. Before long, both she and Marley were hooked.

"Paddling became my whole summer," Turner says. "Every chance I got, we did another 10 miles. Without realizing it, SUP totally changed my whole life and outlook."

Turner began taking her GoPro along for these paddling pilgrimages and posting selfies with Marley on her newly created Instagram account. That summer, she started with a modest 275 followers.

Photo: Mike Misselwitz

An aside: post a picture of a paddleboard and puppy in the SUP social media sphere and people are going to click on it. Add a platinum blonde babe with a bubbly smile paddling on Tahoe's pristine emerald glass with a backdrop of snowcapped Sierra Nevada Mountains and it's pretty much guaranteed to go viral.

"Getting known as a paddler was not something I set out to do," Turner says. "I just posted pictures about things I was passionate about. People noticed."

By December the same year, there were 10,000 people following @breezeturner. Today, 44,300 people tune in to catch her and Marley in action.

"There's so much talk about whether social media is good for our generation," Turner says. "But so many people have told me I inspired them to go experience life because of the photos I've taken. There are so many opportunities out there if you are inspired." —MM

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