Photo: Ana Catarina

Brazilian SUP Surf Champ Aline Adisaka

Age: 23

Known for: Brazilian National SUP Surfing Champion, SUP Racer

What's the female competitive SUP surfing scene like in Brazil? 

In Brazil we have good competitors on both sides. We've already had three world champions, two men and one woman. There are a lot of talented women who don't do the international competitions because, as with my situation, sponsors are hard to get. I compete with the men when I can because it helps make me train harder. We have good women, too. There are some girls in younger generations who are going to rock for sure.

You're one of few Brazilian women competing (and winning) in all different standup paddle disciplines. How does it feel?

I'm pretty happy to be the first woman to win Brazil's national title in SUP surfing. I also won the sprint race at Nationals and I'm the first woman in Brazil who's won national titles in all the different areas of SUP. It's such an achievement for me because it's a difficult thing to do.

Do you feel support from Brazil's male paddling community? How so? 

The boys are really cool, I think they help even more than the girls. Men are into seeing the girls get more experience and push the level, so I think they support the women. Sometimes they make fun like, "Oh my gosh, I don't want to be in a heat against you!" I have two brothers who are competitive surfers as well and they help me a lot.

What's it like to be a leader for young women?

It's such an honor. When I see young girls getting into the SUP surfing, I try to push them. I call them to surf with me and have them try all my boards. I didn't have that when I started. I think I have an important mission to help them so the sport will continue to grow for other generations.

What values are you hoping to instill in future generations of SUP women? I've been trying to show the younger girls that the sport is about much more than just getting a title or actually winning a competition. For young kids getting into the sport, it seems like winning is all that matters. We need the sport to grow, so I think that fun is more important.


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