Words by Rebecca Parsons

In the world of SUP racing, there’s plenty of fierce rivalries. But perhaps none are more intense than the battle of the SUPBROz.

Bruno and Daniel Hasulyo are Hungarian born but spent the majority of their childhoods in Florence, Italy. The product of two former professional athletes, a love for extreme sports was instilled in them from a young age. After their father introduced them to watersports, they fell in love with competition and eventually became professional team riders for Starboard, first in windsurfing and then in SUP.

The two have been competing since birth. Photo: Georgia Schofield

Now, at ages 23 and 26, they don't identify any one place as home but instead consider themselves "citizens of the world," content with wherever their travels take them. Competitive since birth, the two grew up battling and supporting each other simultaneously. They traveled the world, training and competing together, and eventually took to calling themselves the SUPBROz.

"SUPBROz is an idea/brand/movement," says Bruno. "We are brothers and we both love SUP. At the moment, we are the highest ranked brothers in the sport."

"There is no stronger bond than family," agrees Daniel. "It represents a lot of energy. We love standup paddling; it opens a new dimension of experiencing nature. We want to extend our stoke to the SUP community, where at the end of sharing our passion, we all become brothers at some level."

The SUPBROz celebrate a solid finish in the SUP 11-City Tour. Photo: Georgia Schofield

As they’ve grown older, their personal lives take them in different directions at times but they still find time to train and travel together whenever possible. The brothers train with coaches from the Strength and Endurance Performance Academy and adhere to a biodynamic training method. The philosophy is a combination of Eastern and Western training sciences and combines running, paddling and holistic body treatments.

The brothers push each other, both in training and racing, and consider each other as the perfect teammate.

The brothers embrace after finishing 1st and 4th in the Distance race at the 2017 ISAs. Photo: Georgia Schofield

"There is no healthier competition than the one between the two of us," says Daniel. "This helps to elevate the level of power and training that we execute every time we hit the water together. It also creates an incredible symbiosis that translates to great results—on a good day we can do magic."

Their competitiveness and camaraderie has paid off. They've each secured a couple individual titles but in 2016 and 2017, they took turns winning the SUP 11-City Tour. At last year’s ISAs in Denmark, they locked in their top podium finish to date with Bruno taking first and Daniel fourth in the distance race.

"It was like a dream come true," recalls Bruno. "Both of us on the world podium. Can brothers ask for more?"

Bruno triumphant after taking Gold in the distance race at the 2017 ISAs in Denmark. Photo: Georgia Schofield

"My brother is a world champion," says Daniel. "He made it. He gives hope to every Hungarian kid and paddler that it is possible to beat the great ocean nations and climb to the top of the mountain. We are brothers; I want to do the same."

Heading into the remainder of 2018, the SUPBROz have their sights set on more training, travel, adventure and wins. They hope to take home the win at some of the major paddle league events but their top goal is lock in the gold and silver at the ISAs in Brazil.

Photo: Georgia Schofield

Bruno says it perfectly: "At the moment I'm still not number one in the sport, so my plan is to become it. That's what motivates me, to become the best."


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