The thrills of paddling, without actually paddling

You're busy. Between work, feeding yourself, spending time with significant others/family/friends, you probably don’t get as much time on the water as you’d like. How do we know? We live the same struggle. It just so happens that our day jobs involve poring over everything SUP and relaying it to you.

Our mission is to keep you stoked on paddling (and to create new paddlers). To teach you how and teach you why. To share inspiring stories of outstanding people, to give voices to the missions that deserve soapboxes, to showcase an obscure and brilliant sport, pastime and lifestyle. We're here to give you the best paddling experience you can possibly have off the water, and yeah, we'll toss in the occasional shark or whale video to keep the daydream alive.

Above all we're here for you and you passion. We're a group of humans who are stoked on ocean and lakes and rivers and boards. We spend our days paddling and then studying paddling, and we brainstorm in between to come up with stories, pictures, clips and inspiration that get you as stoked to get out there as we are. That's our job. So please, tell us: what gets you stoked?

Is it honking downwinders? Dreamy travel tales? Barrels? Gear? Tips to maintain your gear? Do you want more on the sport? More kids? More how-to tutorials? Or are you simply a sucker for dolphin videos? We have plenty in the bank and more in the oven. Just comment below, message us on Facebook or Instagram, email our editors or write us a letter if you're old school.

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