14' X 28″ X 4½”


SHAPER JOE BARK: We designed the Bark Dominator to be the fastest and most stable board in its class. The 14-foot Dominator is perfect in all water conditions, downwind, upwind and side-wind. In flatwater it's unbeatable. This board was chosen out of two-dozen prototypes to fill a need for ultimate racing and touring. This is the big brother of the 12'6" Competitor.

MATERIAL: The Dominator is built with Surftech's new Pro-Elite construction, its premiere lightweight performance layup. Pro-Elite boards start with a proprietary, one-pound fused-cell EPS core. The board is then glassed with epoxy resin and two layers of fiberglass on the deck, and reinforced with high-density sheet foam in high-impact areas. The bottom has one layer of fiberglass combined with a full layer of biaxial-carbon. Each board is then hand-sanded and polished. NOSE: Cutting bow (displacement) for a streamlined cut through the water at 7.75".

TAIL: 14" release out the back so you're not dragging, sucking and sticking to the water. BOTTOM: Carbon bottom for rigidity for a bigger guy so he won't get the pounding from the board flexing. It has one layer of glass combined with a full layer of biaxial/carbon.  Bottom is hand-sanded and polished. ROCKER:  1.5-inch nose; 2.5-inch tail so you're not pushing water and plowing. DECK: Dome deck with footwells helps to repel water. Two layers of glass, reinforced with high-density sheet foam in heavy impact areas. FIN BOX: Race board includes single race fin. RAILS: Turned down with a hard edge.