Pau Hana Surf Supply Big EZ Hawaiian
11' X 32" X 5" $1195
FINS: Single
TAIL: Square
"We've never been on a more stable board", writes Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine from its product review and chosen by SANDALS resorts as its official SUP, the Big EZ is Designed for absolute stability, ease of use, and fun. A level surface and completely flat deck allow the board to be ridden tandem with a friend, child or pet.

Pau Hana Surf Supply SURF JACK
10'6" X 29" X 41/4" $1045
FINS: 2+1
TAIL: Square
Known as a "One stick quiver" and chosen by the US Coast Guard in Ventura CA and Oahu HI for its physical fitness program, the Surf Jack is designed as an intermediate all around SUP board to provide a good ride in a variety of conditions: flatwater lakes, rivers, small surf, and head high waves. This SUP is the Jack of all Surf.

Pau Hana Surf Supply RAZOR
8'10", 9'2", 9'6", 10'0" X 28" X 4" $995
FINS: 5 Box
TAIL: Square
The Razor series performance SUPs are built for carving. They're quick, agile, and fast. Designed for snappy turns on waves from shoulder high to double over head, the Razors comes in four sizes: 8'10", 9'2", 9'6", 10'0". The rails are hard down the length of the board and sharp at the tail. Razors come standard with wood decks.

Pau Hana Surf Supply 12'6" CROSSFIT
12'6" X 29" X 7" $1595
FINS: Single
TAIL: Square
The 12'6" SG2 Crossfit is made for high performance racing and training in flatwater or ocean. Those who want the speed and performance of a true racing board for fitness training will do well with the 12'6" Crossfit. Long distance and endurance athletes will find the board well suited for endurance paddle workouts of any length.