Starboard THE HERO
9' X 33" X 4.1", $1299-2399
FINS: 2 + 1
TAIL: Rounded Pin
The Hero opens wave riding to everybody. It redefines what is possible for heavier SUP riders in waves. Unparalleled stability in a board of this length, with a turning ability defying its 33" width. A board so easy to surf that you will become an instant super-hero. If you can ride an 11'0" board, you can ride the Hero.

Starboard THE RUSH
7'4" X 32" X 3.9", $1349-$1499
FINS: Five Box
TAIL: Rounded PinWith the Rush you have a stable yet maneuverable shape, a combination not seen since the Whopper was introduced. The shape equipped with a 19-cm center middle fin and M4.7" side fins provides a drive and control that will open your mind and give you a new perception of SUP surfing. If you own a SUP shape longer than 9'0", it's time to go get a Rush in your quiver.

Starboard ATLAS
12' X 33" X 3.9", $1049-1599
FINS: 2 + 1
The Atlas, inspired by our long-time friend Elling Balhald, who felt that, despite Starboard having the world's largest paddleboard offering, no shape was perfect for middle to heavy weight paddlers wanting to tour and surf. The length and smooth rocker promotes good glide and generous nose kick and ample tail kick makes it an easy board to catch waves with. The thin nose profile helps keep the swing weight down.

Starboard THE RACE
12'6" X 29.5", $1399-2749
FINS: Single
TAIL: Squash
The Race design excels in windier conditions and chop and is perfect for touring the local lake, flatwater river or conquering your local downwinder. The 12'6 x 29.5 is a perfect choice for heavier riders.