Surftech 12'6" MUNOZ WATERYDER
12'6" X 291/2" X 41/2", $2075
FINS: Five box
TAIL: Round Pin
Legendary waterman/craftsman Mickey Munoz designed the Wateryder to be versatile! Touring, racing or big wave riding, the 12'6" Wateryder does it all. Comes equipped with 16 stainless steel deck inserts for endless accessory options for the adventurous water rider. (Deck rigging not included)

14' X 271/2" X 7", $2360

FINS: Single
TAIL: Square
The 14' BARK Dominator "Pro-Elite" is the 'practical' distance and race board. Light and responsive, this downwind and flat water model is suited to novice and expert paddlers alike. Sleek, stable and quick, the Dominator is Bark's most popular Race board.

Surftech 12'1" LAIRD
12'1" LAIRD
12'1" X 32" X 41/4", $1820
FINS: 2 + 1
TAIL: Round Pin
Laird's 12'1" is great for first timers wanting a super stable board, or for experienced paddlers looking for wave riding performance. One of the most versatile boards on the market, the 12'1" Laird is a proven winner on flat-water, whitewater, or in the surf.

Surftech 9'6" UNIVERSAL
9'6" X 311/2" X 5", $999
FINS: 2 + 1
TAIL: Squash
The Universal is a super stable, all-purpose SUP built using our durable Softop construction. The Universal series was designed by Randy French as the solution to just about every stand up paddle situation! If wave riding, river running or flatwater cruising is your thing, the Universal is the only board you'll need.