2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are fun but they’re also hard. If you’re like us, buying gifts for your loved ones is carries as much pressure as a shaken bottle of champagne. But if you anyone in your gift circle is into SUP, you’re in the luck, because standup paddlers always have their eyes on new gear. Take a look at our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring some of the top brands in the sport, and see if you can’t find something special for that someone special. Happy Holidays!



5'9" x 26" x 2.75"

MSRP: $799
Badfish was born in Zack Hughes' garage shaping bay building river surfing shortboards. So it was only natural that we take 10 years of building the most innovative river surfing boards on the planet and apply it to an inflatable. The I-SK8 provides a comfortable tool for someone learning to surf river waves, but don't mistake this board for a pool toy. With a removable tri-fin, PBR rail technology and a super stiff 2.75" drop stitch the I-SK8 was designed for performance. Inflatable boards have opened new adventures for stand up paddlers, now the I-SK8 opens up a world of possibilities for the adventure-oriented river surfer. Pack in on your next raft trip and hunt up a hidden wave….or just let the kids play in the eddy, at less than 10 pounds the I-SK8 packs so small there's no reason not to bring it along. Travel bag, fins and double action pump included.

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Blue Planet Easy Foiler – Carbon Fiber

6'11 x 29.5 x 4.25 x 128L E

MSRP: $1849

The Blue Planet Easy Foiler series is brand new to 2018 and features 4x model sizes (6'0, 6'6, 6'11 and 7'6) to help you generate lift and take full advantage of SUP foiling. With the foil craze in full effect, Robert Stehlik has tested and modified numerous prototypes to yield the Easy Foiler series. Foil boards are all about finding the perfect balance between outline, rocker, volume and responsiveness. You need the board to be large enough to paddle and generate lift, but once you're flying, the ideal board is compact for maximum responsiveness. The Easy Foiler series does exactly that. Look no further than Blue Planet's Easy Foiler series to help you take flight!

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Blue Planet Eagle Ray – Carbon Fiber

7'8 x 30 x 4.125 x 118L

MSRP: $1699

The Blue Planet Ray Series was a collaborative effort between founder Robert Stehlik and Blue Planet team rider Tommy Chun-Ming. With multiple state and national surf/SUP titles under his belt, Tommy brings a wealth of board knowledge to the Blue Planet production team. The Ray series features 3x model sizes (6'11, 7'8 and 8'8) designed for optimal stability and responsiveness on waves. The full nose and wide belly provide ample surface area for ease of use, while the stingers/wings and crescent tail open up the responsiveness in turns. If you're looking for a compact, stable and responsive surf SUP, the Ray series is just for you.

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Blue Planet Booster – Bamboo/Epoxy

10'4 x 34 x 4.5 x 186L

MSRP: $1399

Description: The Blue Planet 10'4 x 34" Booster is a proven model that has been a part of the BP SUP line for many years. It features a versatile outline designed for recreational paddling and SUP surfing. With thicker rails, 186L of volume and 34" of width, the Booster is a great entry model for new paddlers under 210lbs, or advanced surfers/paddlers over 260lbs. The slightly pulled in nose makes it great for cruising around in both calm and windy conditions, while also increasing responsiveness. The round pin tail offers a little more hold in larger waves and helps you and the board turn with style. Like all Blue Planet boards under 10'6, the Booster features a 5-fin setup to allow more performance variability by changing up your fins. If you want a board that does it all, consider the very popular 10'4 Booster.

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F-One Foil Hybrid 65/1200

Complete foil: $1519

MFS Pack 65 Hybrid (Mast + Fuselage + Stabilizer): $920

Wing 1200: $599

Foiling is more than a new discipline; it's a whole new world. Accessible and really progressive, this F-One foil is the new weapon of choice for SUP foiling. With innovation deeply rooted into its DNA, the F-One team has worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and optimize this new piece of equipment. The F-One 65/1200 Hybrid SUP Foil is designed to lift off as early as possible on a wave, an outside reef or a soft wave. Its maneuverability and controlled accelerations provide excellent steering to remain in the right section of the wave when surfing. The mast (65cm) is made of aluminum, the fuselage, stabilizer and front wing are made of carbon. All components are interchangeable and can be easily packed. You can also use this setup for surf foiling, the 1200 wing being the best wing for either SUP or Surf foiling. You can pair this foil with a F-One Papenoo SUP convertible board and you will have the perfect combo to start flying.

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F-One Papenoo Pro Carbon 7'7 Foil Convertible

MSRP: $2139

7'7 x 29" – 110L (other sizes 7'3 and 7'11 in convertible version)

The PAPENOO series can be classified as "short SUP" with a focus on speed, acceleration and maneuverability to rip off smaller waves like never before! The initial goal was to design a board as short as possible to gain in maneuverability and agility. A rectangular outline proved to be the right solution to keep enough hull area and volume for stability. We also focus a lot on the gliding aspect. It also turned out that the PAPENOO Pro Carbon (weight is important to facilitate lift) was a fantastic board for SUP Foiling; its planing hull is ideal to get up to speed and facilitates the transition between the surfing and flying phase. Its compact shape also provides the right balance over the foil and makes it more maneuverable when flying. Its wide outline at the tail allows the rider to be in the right position for lift off while the generous width provides a lot of stability. It is also a great board to learn how to foil towing behind a boat.

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F-One TAIBA 9'2

MSRP: $1569

9'2 x 31" – 139L (other sizes 8'6 and 8'10)

New for 2018, the TAIBA range has been created to ease the way into the fascinating world of wave riding. Their size, volume and dimensions keep the boards very accessible for anyone who wants to get into SUP-surfing but like to feel stability in a board. The TAIBA shape combines the length needed to achieve easy take-off with a round outline and a refined rocker line that will surprise any advanced rider by its efficiency and maneuverability during bottom and top turns.

The colorful TAIBA range includes 3 sizes at 9'2'' x 31" for 139 L, 8'10'' x 30" for 125 L and 8'6'' x 29.5" for 116 L. All sizes come with a thruster fin setup and the bamboo deck construction for added strength. With their beveled rails, subtle bottom V shape & balanced volume distribution these boards have all it takes to surf any wave, with style and efficiency. Only we made sure it's as fun and easy as ever!

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Hala Gear Carbon Straight Up

10'6" x 32" x 6"

MSRP $1,399

Performance all-around is not a typical category, but why shouldn't you have an elite board that shines in multiple arenas? So we created our own genre. The 2017 Carbon Straight Up is the perfect board for versatile achievers looking to do it all and do it all well.

With our Carbon Construction™, this rigid board will perform in any environment. And it's smaller board size makes it perfect for those focused on agility and is a great fit for smaller paddlers. Grab the 2017 Carbon Straight Up and test it out for yourself. This one board quiver has everything you need.

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Hala Gear Lock & Load Carbon Travel Paddle

MSRP $269

Revolutionizing travel paddles, the Lock + Load™ carbon travel paddle is far and away the highest performing travel paddle you can find. The new, innovative No-Twist™ clamp locks out water and grips to prevent twisting and it breaks down into 3 pieces to fit in your Hala bag. And it is ridiculously lightweight, thanks to its full carbon shaft. Check out this paddle filled with unique design features for an elite performing travel paddle.

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Hala Gear Releasable SUP Leash – 7′ & 9′


No need to buy two leashes! Perfect for paddlers looking for versatility, this unique design features 2 different attachment options.

Option 1: a releasable leash with the sailing shackle and locking carabiner which allows you to attach to your PFD. With a simple pull of the shackle ball you can release the leash from your PFD and swim safely away.

Or Option 2: Convert the leash to an ankle leash by attaching the ankle cuff to the same sailing shackel. Boom, you have a great leash to use on flat water and surf environments.

The coiled body is great for no-drag, and keeps the leash out of your way as you walk the line of your board or throw a brace. It also keeps you safe from catching passing branches or rocks. 2 lengths gives you options. The shorter 7' leash is better for river specific use and river surfing as it keeps you closer to your board if you fall in. The 9' leash is good for more down river expedition paddlers using bigger boards or all-around crossover paddlers who want to also convert it for alternate uses. Pick and choose what you want with this innovative leash.

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Men’s High Peak Long Sleeve Tee in Indigo Heather

MSRP $50.00

Made from sustainable materials, this classic long-sleeve tee redefines comfort with our light weight, fast drying fabric. Cut slightly slimmer to wick away sweat while still providing comfort and mobility. Performance properties include UV Protection, Moisture Management, Antimicrobial, 4-Way Stretch.

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Womens Downriver Half-Zip in Onyx/Lagoon Heather

MSRP $48.00

Made from sustainable materials, this works great as a stand-alone piece or as a layering item for more protection from the elements. Features include a center front zip and a half sleeve that allows for a free range of motion. Performance properties include UV Protection, Moisture Management, Antimicrobial, 4-Way Stretch.

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Naish Mana – All-Around Widebody

The Mana GTW Series features an exaggerated wave design for riders who want both stability and optimum performance in medium to small size surf. It has an exaggerated tail rocker, V bottom and soft rails to make turning on a wave incredibly easy. This shape is perfect for lighter riders in small surf and bigger riders wanting more stability in a shorter wave board.

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Naish Nalu – Classic All-Around

The Nalu GTW is the one-board solution for riders wanting versatility, stability and waveriding performance. It features classic longboard outline, recessed deck and full rails for increased stability and wider range of use. The single-concave nose flows into a double-concave midsection and V tail, making it adaptable to everything from flatwater cruising, to ankle-slapper waves, to double-overhead surf. Available in a variety of sizes, the Nalu is the perfect board for anyone from first timers to seasoned longboarders.

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Naish Hokua – Wave

 Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced waveriders, the Hokua GTW Series allows riders to make the most of every wave. Collaborating with Gerry Lopez, the Hokua GTW focuses on predictable, easy-to-ride designs that deliver super-smooth carving. The rocker design creates a large sweetspot, which results in effortless take-off, quick acceleration and responsive down-the-line surfing. For added flexibility, they can be ridden as a thruster or quad, granting riders the option to adapt the board to their riding style and conditions.

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Naish Maliko Carbon – Race

 The Naish Maliko Carbon is arguably the fastest board in the world racking up a bevy of titles all over the world. For 2018, the rocker has been tuned to better engage bumps during downwind runs resulting in faster acceleration and higher top speed. Additionally, the bevel in the nose has been moved back towards the center of the board for a smooth-gliding shape that offers more volume, greater stability and the chop-eating efficiency needed for changing open-water conditions.

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Kevlar Wave – Performance Wave Paddle

Available in both fixed and vario options, the durable Kevlar Wave offers a slightly softer blade/shaft combo, making it the ultimate choice for serious wave riders. With 100% 3K Pre-preg Carbon Kevlar featured throughout the shaft and blade, this paddle provides the flex needed for enhanced balance and quick transitions alongside heightened durability and impact resistance. Designed to stand up to the rigorous conditions encountered in big surf, the Kevlar Wave is the ultimate balance between strength, weight and performance.

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Carbon Elite – Race/Touring Paddle

Featuring 100% 3K Pre-preg Carbon throughout the blade and fixed shaft, the Carbon Elite is extremely lightweight and rigid. This stiffness results in a direct transfer of power, allowing riders to take full advantage of the force exerted with each stroke—a useful attribute in situations when every fraction of a second counts. Designed for high performance, while maintaining versatility, the Carbon Elite is well-suited for racing, wave riding and touring.

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Carbon Plus – Race/Touring/Wave Paddle

Lightweight and versatile, the is the well-rounded Carbon Plus is a great choice for racing, wave riding and cruising. Utilizing 100% UD Carbon for the blade blade and 85% Pre-preg Carbon for the shaft grants a nice balance between stiffness and flex-curve providing just the right amount of energy absorption for a variety of conditions. Carbon Plus is the elevated "do-it-all" design for experienced and novice paddlers alike and is available in fixed, vario and 3-piece options with a variety of blade sizes.

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12’0″ Endurance

MSRP: $1,599

Built for off the grid adventures, the Pau Hana Endurance is protected with RicochetTM so that it can withstand contact with rocks, or any hard things that may come across it's path. The board glides smoothly even when fully loaded with 90 lbs of equipment. Strategically placed SeaMountsTM securely hold down gear to the front or the rear of the board while the deck pad provides a comfortable sleeping platform for a bivy sack when pulled on to the land.

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11’0″ Big EZ Hawaiian

MSRP: $1,199

The Big EZ is designed for absolute stability for riders big and small, in all types of water. The Big EZ is tough, durable and remains stable in all types of water conditions, which results in a positive experience from the first ride to the last. Because the board is so versatile, ocean paddling, surfing, river running, cruising, yoga and fishing, there is always a reason to keep it around. It can be ridden single or tandem, with a pet or a child, in the ocean, lake, river, bay or marina.

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MSRP $1299 USD/ $1449 CAD
This Special Edition (SE) inflatable paddle board has all the same great features as the award winning Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride MSL, but comes in a specially created colour scheme to mark their 10-year anniversary. It's designed to float and glide easily on flat water, and it has just the right amount of curve in the plan shape so it rides smoothly and predictably in surf, no matter what kind of rider you are.
The Red embossed deck pad offers comfort and grip and a diamond cut rear section provides even greater grip and stability during occasional use in the surf. It comes with Red Paddle Co's industry leading Titan pump as standard which will have your board inflated in half the time with half the effort and packs down neatly to fit into the all-terrain backpack making transportation and storage simple.

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MSRP $1999 USD/ $2499 CAD
New for 2018, this impressive inflatable paddle board enables you to explore even the most remote locations with a partner. Tailored to the needs of two explorers (plus a third small companion with the removal of the central cargo points) who want to carry their kit along with them on their adventure. This 15'0" inflatable SUP features seven soft touch carry handles, and two luggage spaces with tie-downs to keep everything secure. At 8"/200mm thick, there is a huge amount of volume in the board and it has all the technology to keep you travelling in the right direction even when you're carrying a lot of weight. Supplied with two pumps helps to share the load of pumping up so you can both enjoy the warm up before hitting the water.

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MSRP $1499 USD/ $1699 CAD
The super stylish 11'3" Sport inflatable SUP offers a step up from the Red Paddle Co Ride family of boards and has been designed for the more experienced paddler to deliver more speed and dynamic performance. Its secret lies in the boards sleek shape which cuts through the water cleanly, and the drawn-out nose section gives them more glide across the water. The additional width of the 11'3" Sport offers great stability making it the perfect board for larger riders. The board comes with a durable fin from world leading surfboard fin creators FCS. It also come with Red Paddle Co's patented RSS, or Rocker Stiffening System which makes the boards up to 40% stiffer. These work by slotting two stiffening battens into pockets that are individually laminated on to the side of the board.
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SlipIns, the world's finest sun protective water wear, is perfect for standup paddling and all other water sports. Find them here.