Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP

10" X 32" X 6" (326 LITERS)$999

Their Take:

The Lotus YSUP Inflatable SUP is 10 feet long, 32 inches wide, and utilizes six-inch thick drop-stitch material making it perfectly sized for a stable ride and a balanced yoga session. The Lotus YSUP™ features a convenient removable shoulder-carry strap, which eliminates the need for a bulky carry handle in the middle of the board. This provides a clear deck surface and nearly full-length traction pad for maximum comfort. The Lotus YSUP™ is simple, light and compact; perfect for travel anywhere!

Our Take:

Upon inflating the YSUP, you'll notice there's no handle. Why? Good question, one the packable-craft designers at Advanced Elements answered with a pair of D-rings on the left rail that clip to a shoulder strap. Carrying a 32-inch-wide, six-inch-thick board like a purse (or man-bag) is certainly easier than lugging it Samsonite-style, especially for smaller, shorter-armed builds (don't forget the strap). A few stroke-bouncing clinks off the rail's rings, however, were immediately noticeable on the first paddle out. It does allow for clean yoga poses, with no kinks to roll around on or straps to catch your feet. Without much taper at the tail, the YSUP provides a perfect mobile mat for your floating asanas. And with all that air-filled, drop-stitch-bound thickness, we tested it on a five-day descent of the Green River's legendary Gates of Lodore. The endlessly-stable YSUP inspired quick confidence in intermediates looking to try Class II. In rapids, the YSUP rides high and carries momentum through wave trains, though small holes slow the blunt nose with its minimal rocker. The rectangular shape can also require extra angle-correcting draw strokes to maintain cross-current tracking. Taking it downriver has one huge benefit: You can leave your sleeping pad behind and roll out a decadently padded air-bed. — Dave Shively

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