12’6″ X 29½” X 5¼”
32 LBS

SHAPER JOHN AMUNDSON: All our boards use a molded EPS blank, which is laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin, with a natural wood veneer on the deck’s standing area. We produce them in a high-temperature, high-pressure closed mold, which ensures thorough lamination and the best resin-to-glass ratio for durable and light boards. We also offer the 12’6″ TR-X which is the same shape, but with a full-carbon bottom, saving about 4 pounds.

NOSE: This nose is designed to be a good all-around nose design that works well downwind, upwind, and in flatwater. I gave it a bit of nose rocker for the downwind performance, and a medium, split displacement in the tip for improved flatwater and upwind paddling.

RAILS: The nose has a split-V bottom which comes up to the deck and blends to a square rail in the midpoint and tail. The bottom rail line from the midpoint back features a sharp edge, which gives the design very effective glide and speed.

BOTTOM: The bottom features a split displacement nose, into a slight V to the midpoint, and flat from midpoint through tail. These design characteristics give the 12’6” TR great all-around performance with incredible stability.

TAIL The tail is designed with a wide tail block for great stability. It also features a vertical tail block which helps catch swells while paddling downwinders. ROCKER: The nose has a medium rocker with a fairly flat rocker through the mid and tail of the board. The rocker is designed for maximum stability and great glide. DECK: The deck is flat in the standing area with rolled V in the nose and tail. FIN BOX: Single U.S. box. We designed our fin to have good forward drive, but it is also easy to redirect or turn around.

Stay Tuned for our 2011 Board Guide, coming next week!