Beginner SUP: Naish One

12'6" X 30" X 6" (265 LITERS)

Inflatable Tour/Race
The Naish One is basically a race/touring shape, minus the displacement hull, which gives this board good handling and fast paddling speed–all with the convenience of an inflatable. At 30 inches wide, the One is stable, while the 12'6" length tracks well for long-distance paddles. We took it on our expedition to Belize (featured in our 2014 Beginner’s Guide) and it handled well in windy conditions (we even caught some bumps and little reef waves). When we were done for the day, we simply deflated it and walked away with it on our back (the One comes with a pack). Inflatables are ideal for paddlers who travel.

This gear review originally ran in our 2014 Beginner’s Guide as “Boards to Begin.”

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