Beginner SUP: Riviera Ron House Coastal Cruiser

12'6" X 30" X 5.25"

The folks at Riviera are probably getting tired of us singing its praises, but the Coastal Cruiser is an awesome beginner board. A true classic, at 12'6" it provides both stability for newbies and the ability to surf smaller waves at out-of-the-way locations. The Cruiser can be paddled for long distances or just across the lake and thanks to tie-downs on the nose, you can pack as much gear as you need, whether it's an overnighter or a picnic. The nose also has rocker in it so you can learn to ride downwind bump in open water without the nose pearling. You'll be able to grow with this board and it'll stay in your quiver for teaching friends.

This gear review originally ran in our 2014 Beginner's Guide as "Boards to Begin."

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