Beginner SUP: Rogue Psycho

12'6" X 28" X 6.4" (265 LITERS)

Something to think about when purchasing your first SUP that you don't always ponder: tail shape. The Rogue Psycho has a bulbous tail that stabalizes the board and adds buoyancy for new paddlers. Plus, while the Psycho may be a little narrower (28"), the 265 liters means that you won't wobble so you can seriously concentrate on pushing yourself. The displacement in the nose tracks through the water smoothly, something that people looking to get into touring or fitness paddling should be aware of. In short, the Psycho makes for a fantastic all-around paddle, especially if you're surrounded by flatwater.

This gear review originally ran in our 2014 Beginner’s Guide as “Boards to Begin.”

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