10' X 33" X 4.75" (195 LITERS)$1,100

Their Take:

The 10′ SOFT-TEC is designed as a compact, all-purpose board that remains stable for novices up to 220 pounds. Construction-wise it has the durable bottom of an ACE-TEC board with the plush comfort of a full wrap-around EVA foam deck on top. The deck of the board is very flat, both from nose-to-tail and rail-to-rail—our fitness and yoga ambassadors were looking for a platform for their activities. Turns out this also makes it great for families, including additional passengers like kids and pets. We kept plenty of volume out at the rails, which keeps the board stable and water off the deck. The bottom chine is slightly rounded for a lively feel under foot, while we kept the tail ‘surfy’ while adding a keel up front—the keel keeps the board tracking nicely despite the board's relatively short length. There are six deck attachment points for accessories.

Our Take:

The 10' SOFT-TEC would make a wonderful all-around board for a multitude of paddlers. Unlike many all-around designs, this board is particularly good for some things. First, it was great for yoga and fitness applications. We loved the flat deck, stability and the foam deck—don't call it a soft top! The ACE-TEC bottom is as bullet-proof as BIC's other offerings while the full padding gives beginners extra confidence. That leads us to our second point: the SOFT-TEC was great for beginners. The keel up front allows for better tracking than on standard longboard shape while the stability allowed them to focus on techniques like paddle stroke. The tie down points offer carrying capacity, like water, a drybag or anything else you might need on the water. We even took this board out for a couple waves: it surfs knee- to waist-high waves fairly well. A great board for any paddling family. —WT

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