surftech14' X 29.88" X 8.2" (333 LITERS)

Board Review: Surftech Bark Eliminator

Shaper Joe Bark: The Eliminator was designed as a race and touring board for the larger paddler (190-260 pounds). The board was also designed to have the stability and speed needed for this paddler in all water conditions. The Eliminator is a larger version of theThe Dominator. It can also be a great touring board with plenty of volume to carry gear. It has been a great board for all these years with very little changes.

Our Take: The Eliminator is the board we took to Oregon for a camping/downwind feature this summer Why? It's versatile, stable and reliable. The 30-inch width handled all our paddlers plus their gear (in the neighborhood of 50 pounds each) through everything the Oregon coast could offer, from overhead bumps to wicked backwash. The displacement up front made long, flat days go quick. The displacement doesn't go back too far though, leading into a nice planing hull that was effective when riding bumps. The two inches of nose rocker and inch of tail rocker didn't hurt either. While this board wasn't purpose-built for expeditions, the construction is pretty tough, taking beatings in shore pound and other general wear without taking on water. One beef for expeditions or touring: there are no plugs to strap anything down (We added EZ plugs). For those of you not into expeditions, this is a killer all-around board for bigger paddlers and will work great in conditions from lake paddling to running downwind with your friends. —WT

This board review originally ran in our Winter 2014 issue.

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