Reviewing new gear, and particularly new boards, is at the core of what SUP magazine does. We take pride in providing objective, useful input to you, our readers, and seeing as our staff is comprised primarily of gear geeks, board junkies and paddle fanatics, we’re pretty much the perfect guys to do it.

Board reviews give us an excuse to get out on the water on the most relevant gear around, from state-of-the-art touring boards, to high-performance surf shapes, to the fastest race boards in show. We run them through the gamut of testing and come out the other side with honest, thorough, helpful insight to assist you with your next purchase. And we call this “work.”

Click the following links for our takes on four boards from our Summer 2015 Issue.

ULI 12’6″ Touring

Extremely rigid without the tippiness or added windage of a thicker board.

Bote Rackham

A board built for fishing, expedition paddling or everyday touring.


The BIC SUP SOFT-TEC’s wide size makes it the perfect board for yoga, fitness and beginner paddlers.

Pau Hana Viper

The tail on the Pau Hana Viper is the best part; it makes it easy to step forward and glide in flat water and step back to increase stability in the chops.

This review originally ran in the Summer 2015 issue.

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