14' X 25.5″-27″ X 5″


SHAPER GREG JENSEN: Custom built in Southern Calif., this innovative flatwater board features a sleek, low profile for pure speed. The Arrow’s outline allows for a slimmer, yet more stable design. It also comes in a ‘glass option.

MATERIAL: We start with closed cell, one-pound eps foam. It’s then wrapped with layers of carobn fiber. NOSE: The Arrow has a displacement nose, designed for the cleanest entry possible. The nose has the added benefit of tracking the board, giving the rider more control. BOTTOM: The bottom features a seamless transition from a clean entry nose, to stable standing platform, and back to smooth release.

TAIL: With its sleek, streamlined profile, this board throws off virtually no wake, allowing the user maximum glide. DECK: The Arrow’s low profile already places the rider in an ideal position. The deck has been subtly lowered another half inch for added comfort and stability. FIN: Single Race Fin setup (Custom option FCS DANNY CHING race fin). RAILS: Overlapping carbon fiber on the edges creates ding resistant rails.