10'6″ X 28″-30″ X 5.5″


SHAPER STEVE BOEHNE: The Hi-Brid is part of the Slater Trout signature series and Slater wanted a board that was smaller and more manageable on a daily basis. One that paddled fast while touring, stable enough to grind on while training, and versatile enough to surf. The HI-Brid is all of those things, with a nose for slicing, a flat-stable bottom for touring, and a wide tail for surfing. It’s light (18 lbs.) and fits in the SUV or Minivan, paddling easier and faster than your basic “cruiser”.

MATERIAL: Epoxy with S-Glass provides a light, stiff, and more dent resistant board. NOSE: The Penetrator nose is designed to split and displace water. The top is shaped similar to the bottom to stab through oncoming swell or waves and displace any water that comes over the deck. ROCKER: The rocker utilizes the longest water line possible. The objective with the added weight of a paddler is to have the tip of the nose and tip of the tail right at the water line. A little kick in the tail adds versatility for riding waves. BOTTOM: Its deep-V nose, flat center and slight-V tail make for a displacement hull with good surfing attributes.

TAIL: The wide square tail provides added stability, easier surfing, and all-around versatility. Added V out the tail allows for the rocker along the stringer to be flat (fast), while the rail rocker out the tail is curvier for water to have a clean exit. DECK: V'd nose for shedding water off the bow, 2-inch deep cockpit for a lower center of gravity adds tremendous stability in bumpy conditions. FIN: In addition to the box in the tail, a small, single fin box is added in the nose for straight tracking. RAILS: Soft edges blend into a bit harder rail off the tail for wave riding. The soft rail releases water and provides a clean and quiet ride.