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Gear Review | Waterproof Dad Toys

If teenage girls get to celebrate their birthdays for a week, dads ought to be able to indulge in their week of honor as well. So, here’s a belated Father’s Day wish list on behalf of your pop. Let’s face it, dads love their toys. Besides, the odds that some of us gave him an IOU last Sunday are pretty good.

From Bluetooth tunes to fish-eye phone cases, here are a few more waterproof toys dad ought to appreciate. But don’t worry if you already spent your allowance, just pass along this ode of appreciation to dads everywhere.


Fugoo Sport Speaker

What other portable speaker have you found that offer 35-hour battery life? Shock-mounted components resistant up to a six-foot drop? A waterproof housing that also works to keep out dust and sand? And eight acoustic drivers for full-on 360 sound? We play hard and we like our music to play harder so for us, the Fugoo XL is the top choice in portable Bluetooth speaker systems. This thing bumps no matter how hard you bump it.




Hitcase PRO

Hitcase PRO is a waterproof, shockproof, and mountable case for the iPhone 6/6s that uses an attachable wide angle lens to expand your photo game. With interchangeable lenses and versatile mounting systems, it’s a little like turning your iPhone into a GoPro. The Hitcase PRO comes with an attachable floating lanyard and multiple mounting attachments so you can keep it close no matter where you go.



AAblackproject paddle copy

Black Project Epic 95 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle

This 100-percent carbon three-piece paddle is an option to combine convenience and portability with performance and light weight. It breaks down small enough to put into a suitcase, but offers enough strength and performance to feel like a legitimate race paddle. The sturdy buckle allows for ample length adjustment but also keeps things tight enough for the paddler to forget it’s an adjustable. All-in-all, this is an ultra functional stick with a mean bite and a sleek look.



cooler copy

Icemule Classic Cooler

Here’s a basic and functional cooler that works great for us. Good for any SUP activity from expedition paddling to just another lazy beach day, the Icemule soft cooler is the balance of simplicity and quality we look for. It comes with a valve that allows for insulation-layer air-removal so it takes up minimal space, and its collar can roll up for storage in its stuff sack. The Icemule Classic comes in three sizes—a 10 liter, a 15 liter and a 20 liter. We tested the 15 liter and were able to close and seal the top with two six packs of bottles inside. We didn’t test it, but they’re claiming this baby keeps things frigid for 24 hours. There are other coolers out there like this, but starting for under $50, this is the best bang for your buck we’ve found.




SUP Hipster

A novel piece of gear for the water lover who has everything. Part fanny-pack, part SUP caddy, part water bottle holster, the SUP Hipster is a convenient paddling utility belt. Here’s how you use it. Strap the SUP Hipster around your waste, then tighten and secure its Velcro strap. Slip your sled into the detachable waist-hook before a long walk to the beach and save your shoulder energy for the water. Carry bars and snacks or portable gizmos and other belongings with you when you paddle in the Hipster’s girthy side pocket. And fill up the easily removed water bottle before setting its snug in its holster and you won’t go thirsty in the drink. Plenty of men and women out there who would benefit from this kind of gadget.



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