Photo: Mike Misselwitz

Gear Review | FUGOO Sport XL Speaker


Our Take:
What other portable speaker have you found that offer 35-hour battery life? Shock-mounted components resistant up to a six-foot drop? A waterproof housing that also works to keep out dust and sand? And eight acoustic speakers for full-on 360 sound? We play hard and we like our music to play harder so for us, the FUGOO XL is our top-choice in portable Bluetooth speaker systems. We took it with us paddleboarding, to the beach, on a road trip and to a BBQ…before it ever ran out of battery! This thing bumps, no matter how hard you bump it.

From Fugoo:
Bold, tenacious and pushing colossal sound—this is the FUGOO Sport XL. Featuring eight drivers for true 360 sound, waterproof and dust proof with 35 hour battery life and a USB port to quick-charge your phone or tablet. It even floats in water for easy recovery making it an ideal active speaker around the pool, lake or ocean. Unique to FUGOO Sport XL, the six control buttons on top glow in the dark so even on a night camping, you’re still in control.