Photo: Amy LaRue

Photo: Amy LaRue

Gear Review | SlipIns SurfSkin

Words by Rebecca Parsons

Rick Rickman and Robin Chesnie launched SlipIns in the fall of 2014 when they saw a need for a product to help surfers slip in and out of wetsuits with ease.

"Rick wanted to teach me how to surf, but I am very cold water intolerant so I had to get a 4:3 wetsuit," Chesnie said. "It was total agony getting in and out. Rick would have to get out of the water to peel me out of it. I remembered an old catsuit exercise outfit from the 1980s that I had, tried it on and voila! It made all the difference getting in and out of the wetsuit."

And so the idea for SlipIns was born.

"Rick creates all our prints graphically on the computer and then we have them printed on our fabrics," Chesnie said. "I handle most of the daily running of the business and sales. We could not have been better suited to start a business together."

SlipIns source their fabrics, which are made from a poly/spandex blend and have 60+ UPF sun protection. The material is silky soft and comes in bright, colorful prints.


Photo: Rick Rickman

The SurfSkin was the original model and is a full suit manufactured to allow easy exit and entry into a wetsuit. Recently, SlipIns expanded their line to include a mini-version, leggings, crop tops, unitards, and beach pants–perfect for both water and dry-land workouts.

I first met Rick and Robin at the Pacific Paddle Games and found them to be two of the kindest and most genuine people you'll ever meet. They are stoked on their product and are happy to answer questions and assist you in any way they can. They have a variety of super cute prints, but I settled on an Animal Collage Blue print and a Rose Tye Dye Mini.

I've had the suits for about a month and already the Mini is my go-to suit for surfing and paddling. It is comfortable, form-fitting, dries quickly and takes away the hassle of having to lather up before hitting the water. Additionally, it keeps everything in place and allows me to surf without the fear of losing my bikini.

Photo: Rick Rickman

Photo: Rick Rickman

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the SurfSkin style. I hate the struggle of putting on a wetsuit, but was afraid the SurfSkin would get bunched up under my suit and become another thing to deal with. I was wrong. Due to the slits around the hands and feet, it allowed me to easily slip in and out of my wetsuit, whether it was wet or dry. Now I bring it with me every time I surf and it makes the task of putting on a wetsuit a lot less foreboding.

SlipIns is an amazing company run by good people. They make a product that isn't exactly a necessity, but once you get your hands on one, you won't be able to live without it. –RP


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