Welcome to Outdoor Retailer 2014. Come inside.

Welcome to Outdoor Retailer 2014. Come inside.

Gear of the Show: 2014 Outdoor Retailer

Outdoor Retailer is kind of a big deal. All of the SUP manufacturers from the industry are there, strutting their stuff, showing off what’s new for the next year—the new boards, the new accessories, the new items to drool over and start saving for. The 2014 show was no different. Here, in Part One, we give you a rundown of some of our favorite gear from the show. Most of the items you see here haven’t been released yet. Look for more tomorrow, as well as thorough reviews in the magazine and on SUPtheMag.com as the year progresses.

The Rivershred on the left.

The Rivershred on the left.

Badfish Rivershred—The evolution of whitewater standups continues with the new Badfish Rivershred. This board is a spawn of the popular MCIT model but even more tuned into the needs of river runners. The deck is now six inches thick, the pontoon rails are seven inches and stop two-thirds of the way down the board, allowing for more control when you step back on the tail to punch through a wave or spin out of an eddy. And, at 40 inches wide, this thing will take on even the biggest whitewater. River paddlers will be pushing the envelope with this board.


O’Neill Women’s Superlite L/S High-Cut Spring—Perfect for chilly summer days and warm fall days alike, the Superlite from O’Neill is as stylish as it is functional. With a neoprene chest and upper arms and spandex sleeves ladies get a warm core with added flexibility. A killer combo.


Tahoe SUP Rubicon—We loved the old Rubicon and it looks like it’s gotten even better. The Tahoe SUP team brings thermo-molding to SUP with their thermoSUP construction and honeytech core. The non-tech explanation means a relatively light board with ultra-strong construction. And we like fewer dings. Combine that with a carbon fiber inset handle and extra large deck plugs and you have a board tailor-made for adventure.


BIC-SUP C-Tec Tracer—BIC continues to innovate with construction and design with their C-Tec Tracer. With an Innegra Carbon layup (supposedly just as light as carbon fiber with added strength), flat section underfoot for stability and a slight V running out the tail, the Tracer is built for riders looking for more maneuverability and performance in their 12’6″ and 14-foot boards. The Tracer comes in 27-, 28-, and 29-inch widths and is a great option for flatwater, downwinding, touring and expeditions. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these boards.


Surftech Bark Downwinder—Shaper Joe Bark is a student of the ocean. He’s a boat driver, a prone paddler, a surfer, and a fisherman, among many other things. He knows how boards work on the water and his new Downwinder is no exception. At 14′ X 28″ X 6.8″ (274.6 Liters), this board has gone through years of R&D and is receiving rave reviews from Surftech paddlers Morgan Hoesterey and Matt Becker. Pray for bumps.


Bote Rackham—The Rackham is a combo of Bote’s popular 12-foot HD and the 14-foot fish slayer the Ahab. This love child results in a board that has a 400-pound carrying capacity but has enough maneuverability and speed for touring and fitness paddling. With a paddle sheath for freeing up your hands to a compatible tackle rack, you can configure this board however you might need it. Whether you’re going camping, spearfishing or cruising through mangroves, the Rackham has you covered.


Watershed Big Creek—Watershed has long made some of the best waterproof bags on the market. All of their news bags are made with ripstop fabric which is resistant to holes and will not rip further once punctured. The good old Zipdry closure system keeps all of your gear dry as a bone and closes as fast as anything else on the market. The Big Creek has a 24-liter carrying capacity, making it a great daypack or accessible bag on your deck. Watershed also offers backpacks in 54 and 80-liter sizes as well. You can’t go wrong here.

Look for more from OR in Gear of the Show Part 2, coming tomorrow.

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