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Photo: Chris Bishow


Paddler: Haley Mills
Age: 28
Hometown: Her truck

Haley Mills literally lives in her ride.

"I don't have a home," says the pro paddler. "I moved into an RV six years ago when I started competing. I can't get rid of the itch to keep on the road."

We can see why. Mills travels to get the best whitewater, to compete in events and to find waves all over the country. And she has all the gear in her car to do it. We actually asked her to pare down her kit to fit this picture. She usually travels with six standups, two kayaks and a mountain bike, taking advantage of the conditions wherever she's at.

"People stare at me thinking there are six dudes in the truck and it's just this little girl."

They must be jealous. We know the feeling.

1. Yeti Cooler

In an ideal world the Yeti would house cold items like beer or actual food. I never keep anything cold so it's a bin that holds random things. There is some food in there, but it's non-perishable. I can't be bothered to buy ice all the time. It keeps almonds and things. And hot beer.

2. Primus Stove

It's the perfect size. Its main function is making coffee. That's all he really does, his goal in life. I also use the French press. I usually tell people that I like my coffee stout and strong, just like my men (laughs).

3. Werner paddles

I have a small Werner Nitro for surfing and a small Grand Prix for racing. I also use the whitewater-specific Session as well as their kayaking paddles.

4. Chacos

They're my footwear sponsor. They're comfortable, lightweight and they make flip-flops as well as river-specific shoes. I can wear them on and off the water.

5. Garden of Life powder

I use their protein powder and bars because I don't really want to deal with cooking on the go.

6. Sector 9 skateboard

My second vehicle. Sometimes it's a pain parking my truck so I park far away and skate there. It's useful at the beach too.

7. Gorilla tape

I use this stuff daily. It's even better than Kentucky chrome (duct tape). I use it outfitting in my kayaks, patching holes, etc.

8. 2005 GMC 2500 with eight-foot bed

The (size of the) bed is why I can fit so much shit in my truck. I have a twin bed and I keep all my extra gear under it: inflatable boards, etc. I have curtains so no one can see in. I have a Rocket Box on top from Thule and a Paco pad, tent and another inflatable up there as well as my river gear, PFDs, helmets and stuff. My backseat is my closet with a bag of clothes and that's pretty much it.

9. Boardworks Boards

River Surfer, Mini Mod inflatable, Mini Mod, Eradicator. The 7'10" Mini Mod is great for glassy river waves. It's by far my favorite board for that. I used the Eradicator at the Payette River Games and ran it through whitewater, which isn't advised but you gotta do what you gotta do. I usually have a 10'6" MVP, 9'0" MVP and a Sirena in the car. I have to be prepared for what I'm doing that day, flatwater, surfing or whitewater.

This article originally ran in our Fall 2014 issue as “Inside the Ride.”

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