Longboard Spotlight: Boardworks’ Kraken

10' 3" X 34" X 4 3/4" (196 LITERS)

DESIGNER PHILLIP RAINEY: The 10' 3" Kraken is the ideal all-around board, designed as a surf SUP for bigger guys or a good board for the entry-level paddler. It's wide, but on the shorter side for ease of transport and storage. Thinned-out nose, tail and rails make it easier to control when surfing, while still carrying full volume for excellent stability and floatation. A flat bottom also adds to the stability of the Kraken with generous vee out the back allowing for easy transitions from rail to rail. A 4+1 fin setup allows for a myriad of fin configurations. The Kraken is available in 9'3", 9'9", and 10'3". Get ready to "Release The Kraken!"

OUR TAKE: The Kraken is the largest board we rode for our Longboard SUP test. The name is justified. At 34 inches wide and made with a burly epoxy/bamboo veneer, this thing is an absolute beast, as much of a floating sidewalk as anything we've been on. This aspect of the board can make it challenging in critical surf as it's hard to make quick adjustments when you're dealing with so much volume. But the Kraken is fantastic for beginners and is fairly responsive and fun to surf when the waves are small and playful, especially if you're a big guy or gal. Cruising small waves, paddling with your dog or kids and having a good-looking board, this offering from Boardworks is a great option. –WT

This gear review originally ran in our Spring 2014 issue. Stay tuned as we continue the Longboard Spotlight series.

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