Longboard Spotlight: Da Braddah by C4

9' 6" X 30" X 4" (151 LITERS)

SHAPER DAVE PARMENTER: A stem-to-stern re-imagining of C4's classic Ten-Thirty. It has the same slippery, non-stick bottom rocker of the original, and the same adaptability to nearly every type of surf and paddling conditions. Da Braddah is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of smaller standup boards. It's made for high-performance longboard-style surfing, by intermediate to advanced riders up to 225 pounds and for novices up to 200 pounds. Da Braddah is made with C4 Waterman's new FeatherCore Composite line and is based on the rigorous refinement of the foam sandwich/composite structures that best suits the unique needs of the next generation of high-performance standup paddleboards.

OUR TAKE: Da Braddah is one of the best hybrid longboard-style SUPs we've ridden. It doesn't have the traditional round nose of normal noseriders, instead opting for fuller rails, lower rocker and a more pointed nose. While this might scare away traditionalists it makes for a nose that's relatively easy to get your toes over. The extra foam and low rocker in the front also gathers momentum across the flats and gets you into waves more easily than other boards. The tail is pulled into a nice, tight pin and when you step back on the separated and raised back pad, you can carve off the bottom or snap Da Braddah off the top like a much shorter board. This performance also translates to larger waves with better holding power and quick reaction times. Swiss Army Knife, indeed. —WT

This gear review originally ran in our Spring 2014 issue. Stay tuned as we continue the Longboard Spotlight series.

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