Longboard Spotlight: The Riviera Nugget

8' X 28" X 4" (101 LITERS)

SHAPER TAYLOR RAMBO: The Nugget was created as a high-performance SUP surfboard with extra stability. It's no secret: the shorter and narrower your SUP is, the better it'll surf. We wanted to go short and stable, but we didn't want to achieve stability by making the board too wide, or the rails too thick. So we chose to go a bit narrower at 28" wide. To add stability, we added a full nose and diamond tail. The parallel rails offer a ton of stability and give the board speed. To buffer the straighter outline, we added curve with a vee bottom and rocker to increase maneuverability. The rails on the NUGGET are really low, enabling you to bury them without bobbing in and out of the water and is the single concave in the nose gives control when nose riding. The Nugget has enough volume for experienced paddlers up to 215 pounds. It comes with a five-fin Futures Fins setup.

OUR TAKE: We used the Riviera Nugget in a quad set-up and really loved its speed down the line. The first time we used it was on a steep beach break with a mushy takeoff. Even at eight feet, the board allowed for enough paddling speed to get into the wave and created more than enough drive to get around fast sections where the lip was actually throwing (#sopitted). As with most any surfboard, turning from the tail is key, so taking a step back before winding up and hitting the lip or cutting back was imperative on the Nugget because of the fuller nose. But that wider nose definitely makes for easy noseriding which is exactly what the board was built for. The Nugget isn't for touring but if you're into a high-performance longboard shape that is extremely light for a manufactured board, there isn't much better choice than the Nugget. —JC

This gear review originally ran in our Spring 2014 issue.

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