Photo: Robert Zaleski

Photo: Robert Zaleski

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If you haven’t started paddling yet, there is no time like the present. Make it a New Year’s resolution. And when you get into a new sport, there’s nothing like doing your research to find the best information available to immerse yourself in the sport. Aside from subscribing to SUP magazine, here are six other great options if you’re just getting into standup paddling. Enjoy!

The Art of Stand Up Paddling
Former Surfer magazine editor and SUP-convert Ben Marcus explores the history and early culture of standup paddling in this detailed tome published by Falcon Guides, including the "controversial," albeit relatively short, history of the sport. Marcus also delves into technique and the movement of the sport to all bodies of water. ($22,

Stand Up Paddle
A Paddler's Guide
In Stand Up Paddle: A Paddler's Guide, Steve West explores the history, technique and health benefits that make SUP great, including a look at how outrigger paddling skills can transfer over. There isn't much left to the imagination either, with over a thousand pictures and diagrams to get you started. ($38,

The Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddling
Dan Gavere—one of standup's early pioneers—takes viewers from basic stroke technique to more advanced moving water skills in this one-stop shop for SUP skills. ($25,

Stand Up Paddling
An Essential Guide
Jimmy Blakeney literally created the standup teaching curriculum for the American Canoe Association, establishing a protocol for all instructors to follow. Those tips and more make up the core of his video, the Essential Guide. ($20,

Stand Up Paddle Fitness
Nikki Gregg has put the "fit," in standup fitness, stamping her name on that segment of the sport with expert, on-water research that has made her one of the foremost experts in paddling health. ($25,

Stand Up Paddling
Flat Water to Rivers and Surf
Stand Up Paddling: Flat Water to Rivers and Surf, was the first instructional book on standup. Rob Casey covers the basics in an easy-to-digest format that won't daunt a first-timer. ($22,

This article originally ran in our 2013 Beginner’s Guide.

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