screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-1-10-55-pmReview: Aspire Anonymous Sunglasses

We’re pretty picky with our sunglasses here at SUP magazine. Between getting to the beach, hanging in the sand and being out on the water, we ask a lot of our shades and expect them to deliver every scenario with throw at them. If you’re the type of person that likes to have one pair of sunglasses for everything, the Anonymous from Aspire might be right up your alley.

The Anonymous is an extremely light pair of glasses. Aspire claims that the glasses are 50 percent lighter than typical plastic shades and it’s hard to doubt them: they use 3D printing to produce them and even after a couple hours of wear there was no pinching on our noses or near our ears, unlike many classic aviators. That’s a big plus on long paddles or full days on the beach. Their thin profile also means the glasses are comfortable under a hat or with croakies on.

Aspire claims that the SDN-4 material used to construct the glasses are heat resistant and will never fade in the sun. We can say that the material is pretty amazing: the glasses are so flexible that you can sit on them and they won’t break. Trust us, we tried. It also helps that the hinges are screw-free and the lenses are impressively scratch resistant, which both add to their durability.

Our only real beef with Anonymous is that for the $290 prices tag, we’d like polarized lenses, which help immensely with on-water visibility. Beside that, this is a great pair of durable, functional sunglasses for the SUP life.


Aspire Anonymous