dry-robeReview: Dryrobe Advance LS

Tired of towel changing? We feel you. After thousands of changes in soggy, sandy and too-small bath towels along comes something that we’d never anticipated: the Dryrobe Advance LS. This thing really is a game-changer. Designed for surfers, paddlers, triathletes, swimmers and anyone who has to change in the public outdoors the Dryrobe keeps you warm, covered and comfortable for all your changing needs.

We were skeptical to add another piece of gear to our beach-changing kit what with all the paddles, leashes, water jugs, wax, watches, sunscreens, etc., but the Dryrobe is quickly becoming a staple in the back of our vehicles for those days when it’s chilly, windy or overcast.

It’s also got some nice touches to it: an MP3 pocket inside, other pockets for long underwear, a beanie or a wallet, a plush hood, and arm holes big enough that it’s easy to pull in your arms to change completely underneath it. The faux lambswool interior is slightly scratchy when wet but is generally pretty warm and cozy. We put it out in the rain for a half-hour and afterwords the interior was still totally dry, even though the outer layer held the smallest amount of water.

Those features mean it’s pretty bulky, but you can also purchase a compression sack so it’s easier to store and travel with.

Overall, this is a luxury item that you might just absolutely need if you try it, especially if you live in places like the Pacific Northwest, New Zealand or the mountains and still like to get after it when its cold.

$179 as tested