Review | Everyday California Floating Waterproof Snapback


We’re always on the search for the perfect hat. Something that looks good on land, performs well in the water and gets the job done everywhere in between. The Floating Waterproof Snapback from Everyday California is one of our top contenders.

We wore it for training sessions, to the grocery store and racing in both Molokai 2 Oahu as well as the Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge. Thanks to its soft bill we stuffed it in backpacks, backseat pouches and even our pockets. We got it sweaty, soaked and dirty. Minus one seam that’s coming undone it’s taken the beatings admirably.


Our reviewer put the Everyday California floating snapback to the test at this year’s Molokai 2 Oahu Championships. Both racer and hat finished strong. Photo courtesy of M2O

And it floats. We don’t need to mention how useful this is in standup paddling. We will say that this lid isn’t completely waterproof; it soaks up water and sweat from the inside while repelling water on the outside. The dampness on the inside isn’t bad though—built-in air conditioning. There isn’t a lot of air flow around your dome due to a lack of ventilation but we paddled a lot in the heat and found it to be plenty cool.

It you’re looking for a tough, versatile hat that can handle life in both aquatic and terrestrial zones, Everyday California’s Floating Waterproof Snapback is worth a look.