Photo courtesy of NOCQUA

Review: NOCQUA Lighting Systems

Paddling at night is one of our favorite pastimes. The water's calm, the air is crisp and aside from the occasional heron or schooling fish, you have the water to yourself. While there's a time and a place for tapping in to your nocturnal senses, we've always thought it best to invest in a light for increased visibility and safety.

Cue NOCQUA lighting systems.

NOCQUA offers three different light systems: Pro Series Spectrum, Pro Series 2000, and the Sport Edition. The Sport Edition is the most basic and compact model, the Pro Series 2000 boasts itself to be the best and brightest lighting accessory for paddlers, and the Pro Series Spectrum offers color-changing options.

Photo courtesy of NOCQUA

I tested the Sport Edition and the Pro Series Spectrum and both have quickly become one of my favorite SUP accessories. The Sport Edition is a sleek, compact model, perfect for daily paddlers and travelers. It illuminates a five-foot radius around your board, taking on the blue hue of the water and making the experience feel magical. The Pro Series Spectrum comes with seven colors and three modes, and it's so much fun to use on an evening paddle! You simply press a button on the battery pack to change colors or set it on the color changing mode.

Like flies, fish and other aquatic species are attracted to light due to phototaxis. On my first trip out with the NOCQUA I spotted numerous schools of fish, a round ray, and a horn shark, all in the harbor. Battery life was a non-issue, as the Spectrum's water resistant battery packs last 4-6 hours and the Sport's last 2.5-3 hours. We went out for two paddles without having to recharge.

Here’s what’s in the kit.

The initial set-up involves a bit of adjusting to fit your rig as the NOCQUA light strips attach to the vessel with straps that wrap around and buckle snug. It takes a bit of time and some instruction reading, but overall it isn't too complicated and becomes easier each time. Our hope for the future of NOCQUA's products is that they'll find a way to streamline the set-up process a bit, but overall the benefits definitely outweigh the hassle. Tear down, on the other hand, is quick and easy and all of the lighting systems come with convenient carrying cases.

NOCQUA's products all have adjustable straps and strap extenders that come with the package, so they're compatible with just about any SUP, canoe or kayak. They're ideal for paddlers determined to log more evening hours on the water, nighttime fisherman or shops interested in offering sunset or evening tours. With three different models, there's something for everyone. Here's to many more nocturnal adventures!

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