Review: re-fuel High-Performance Sports Wireless Earbuds



Everything is Bluetooth enabled these days, for better or worse. One of the best uses for the technology is headphones and earbuds. We’ve been tired of running and working out with cords for years. They’re always catching on your shirt, dumbbells or just plain falling out when jogging.

If those scenarios sound familiar, the re-fuel High-Performance Sports Wireless Earbuds are a good solution. At 50 bucks, they’re affordable and they charge quickly with a mini-USB cord right out of the box. They connect to your phone or computer just like any other Bluetooth device and once they are, you have impressively rich sound with deep bass. The multiple sizes of rubber cones mean you can fit them to your ear size and get maximum noise-blocking capacity. One bummer about these is the on/off button; it turns on just fine but to power it off you have to hold it for over five seconds or longer to get the them to power down. This function was inconsistent at best.

They’re not waterproof, so we wouldn’t paddle with these. They are sweatproof, however, and they performed admirably during many workouts—even when we had to take phone calls mid-sweat. The short cord hangs in front of or behind your neck and doesn’t hang up on things nearly as much when we were getting after it. For $50, it’s a worthy investment for off-water workouts.

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