14'X 25" X 7.75" (290 LITERS)

We like boards that do it all. The FX Pro was built to fit that mold. It's a cross between SIC Maui's open-ocean Bullet series and their flatwater race X series and has many good qualities of both. The nose has a bulbous displacement hull, which is in the sweet spot for it to be fast for flatwater, drafting and in the open ocean. It punches through chop well and catches even the smallest of swells, making it a good weapon when conditions aren't quite windy enough to pull out the big guns (we'd want to be on a Bullet if it was nuking). It also doesn't surf as well as the Bullets do—the FX Pro locks in and tracks hard—but that's part of the compromise for the great flatwater speed that this sled carries. Shaper Mark Raaphorst flattened out the middle of this board, which means it's a pretty stable 25-inches wide. It's also a tough cookie, with Innegra tip, tail and rail layers and a PVC-reinforced deck for a strong standing platform at only 24 pounds. We put it through an extended testing period and besides a few scratches it kept going strong. This is a good choice for those paddlers who like to take one board out no matter what. –WT