t2071602-004-16Review: Toad&Co Malamute Crew

Warmth—both on the water and off—is key for the year-round standup paddler. While most folks focus on the wetsuits and drysuits that they use for winter paddling, what you wear off the water is just as important. Enter the Malamute Crew from Toad&Co.

When we want warmth, no matter the weather, we reach for wool. Wool is a magical fiber that resists normal body odors and keeps you warm, even when it gets wet. And this heavy duty, tightly woven lambswool sweater is durable, thick and comfortable, taking a traditional wool sweater to the next level.

We spent a week traveling and paddling in the Pacific Northwest rain in November and the Malamute Crew was our go-to layer under our rain jackets. It looks just as good standing on the beach in rain boots as it does at the bar. The only downside to wool is that it takes more delicate care than, say, cotton and other fibers. To us, it’s worth the trade offs for the warmth and versatility.