Riviera Paddlesurf Whirling Dervish

8'0" X 28" X 4" (101 LITERS)$999

Their Take:

The Whirling Dervish is the evolution of the Riviera Door introduced two years ago. Taylor Rambo, working together with Riviera Team Rider Ryan Helm, have refined the shape into the ultimate Performance SUP Surfboard that performs well in any condition. The parallel outline makes this board very fast, and with the wide point pulled back of center, this board draws tight arcs in the pocket. Single to Double concave out the tail, make it roll from rail to rail easily. And Bamboo/Fiberglass sandwich deck and Kevlar Rails make this board strong and light weight. Available in two sizes: 7'6" x 26" and 8' x 28".

Our Take:

The Whirling Dervish is a unique balance between shortboard-style- and Simmons-inspired SUPs for a ride that is fun in everyday conditions. At 101 liters, we didn't expect this board to get into waves as well as it did but the very low entry rocker and four-inch thickness worked wonders on even the flattest of waves. In a strange juxtaposition from it's geometrical shape, the Dervish seemed most at home on rail doing pocket carves or cutbacks. It struggled a bit in bigger, steeper surf—vertical top turns aren't happening here—but excelled when the waves were less critical. The girthy rails added the benefits of flying easily over flat sections and giving stability when moving around windy lineups. And we love the fin configuration options: quad or 2+1, which allows you to adjust the board to your style and the waves you're surfing. The bamboo and fiberglass construction seems pretty tough. If you like loose and playful boards for slower waves, this is a good one for the quiver.—WT

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