Located in the heart of beautiful Seattle and a stones throw away from the banks of Lake Union is Urban Surf. Shop Manager Devin Carroll can set you up for a flatwater cruise or fill your head with surf beta. The Urban Surf gang has a finger on the pulse of any water sport available within an eight-hour drive.
SUP Mag: When did you get into the SUP phenomenon? And why?
Devin: 2006. I think an employee at the shop saw it in Hawaii.

SUP Mag: Where do you see the sport right now?
Devin: Definitely growing especially the racing scene. Urban Surf's Naish SUP Cup Race Series is an example of the SUP racing popularity in our region. The race series consists of six races throughout the summer. We average around 25 participants per race which is one of the highest turnouts around.

SUP Mag: In your area have you seen growth and interest in SUP?
Devin: Absolutely. We have 12 rental boards and on a nice day they are always out. Seattle is also a progressive city that is surrounded by water. SUP is a progressive sport that gets people out on the water. The two fit together.

SUP Mag: How many boards/paddles are you selling? Have you seen an increase in your SUP sales and or rentals?
Devin : Sales have increased every year. And if the sun is out you better call ahead for a rental board.

SUP Mag: What kinds of boards/paddles are people buying?
Devin: Most people are buying stable surf shaped 11'6" to 12-foot boards. The growing category is race boards or boards designed for flatwater maneuverability. We carry Starboard, Naish, Riviera, Amundson, and Cabrinha.

SUP Mag: What is the biggest accessory right now?
Devin: Definitely paddles, coil leashes, paddle board bags, pfd's, and rail tape.


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