12'6" X 29" (290 LITERS)


For a board that looks as good as the Metolius, with its pine wood underlay and bright yet earthen red and yellow paint job, it's extremely light. The comfortable neoprene handle combined with the 26-pound board made it easy to hoist onto our shoulders for trips up a staircase or to throw on top of our car. At 29 inches wide, the Metolius is made for comfortable, stable touring and it's well equipped for the job. Wide, heavy-duty plugs are distributed at the front and rear of the board to allow an array of packing possibilities for day trips or multi-day excursions. The Metolius easily handled our testers and all of their gear on multiple outings as well as weathering numerous bumps and bangs on the way to and from the water. That durability is thanks to two layers of four-ounce fiberglass and epoxy over the blonde pine veneer. On the water, the Metolius moves swiftly for a board of its width. The sharp nose profile is not a full displacement hull, which makes it versatile, tracking well in flatwater while still handling alright in chop. When things do get bumpy, the recessed deck and double concave bottom make it easy to avoid spills, although you might not be moving super quickly. A solid choice for those paddlers looking to extend their range on inland touring adventures. –Aaron Black-Schmidt

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