Sunglasses Review | Mosevic Denim Cassini


It takes a unique pair of shades to stand out from all the rest. When we find a pair that does—with fashionable flare that stacks up to equitable function and quality protection—we’re stoked. And when that product is manufactured with upcycled material, we’re more or less sold.

So goes the saga of our experience under the ample shade of the Mosevic Denim Cassini sunglasses. Disclaimer: if you’re looking for an athletic pair of shades engineered for life on the water, these aren’t our go-to choice. But if you’re in the market for a unique look that you can rock hard on the water (eyewear retainers recommended), on the beach and in any social setting, these versatile sunglasses are unique choice that you don’t have to feel guilty about. Mosevic, a rapidly rising brand from the UK, makes all its eyewear from pressed, recycled denim. That means less plastic in the world, and we’re all about that.

The Cassini comes in two sizes with the option for regular or polarized lenses. We recommend the latter for water lovers, and in our experience these polarized lenses are the type that enhance vision with popping colors and plentiful glare reduction. Paired with their unique frame layup and comfortable fit, the Cassini wear naturally and act as a great conversation starter. Plus, they’re made out of an old pair of jeans…and how cool is that?

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